Garden & Irrigation

Rake and Shovel

Wide Selection of Garden Products

Choose from a wide selection of shovels, rakes, and other gardening tools for your next gardening project. Effectively water your lawn or plants using our wide selection of hoses, nozzles, lawn sprinklers, and other home garden irrigation accessories.

Drip Irrigation Accessories

Irrigate your Garden or Orchard Effectively with the Drip Irrigation System

Purchase all the accessories for your next drip irrigation system at your local Close Lumber or Corning Lumber. Choose from our wide selection of tubing, drip lines, drip fittings, watering accessories, and more. Contact your local store for full product selection, and to learn more.

Maintain your Garden

Help maintain your garden with our selection of weed control sprays, plant food, fertilizers and more.

Contact your local Close Lumber or Corning Lumber of visit your local store to learn more.

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Garden & Irrigation

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