Vulcan Vent 14x24 Gable Vent Flange Recessed Retrofit 2-5/8"- VG1424R

Vulcan Vent Item VUL1424GVR

Vulcan Vent 14x24 Gable Vent Flange Recessed Retrofit 2-5/8"- VG1424R

Vulcan Vent Item VUL1424GVR
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About this product

Vulcan Vent 14x24 Gable Vent Flange Recessed Retrofit 2-5/8".

Manufacturer Code VG1424R.

Cutout size (inches):14 X 23.5 

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The Vulcan Vent is an exterior vent that will prohibit both dangerous embers and fire from entering a structure during a wildfire. Vulcan Soffit and Eave Vents are the first to be accepted in the CBC Ch7A Compliance Policy by the Office of the California State Fire Marshal. Vulcan Vent ® systems resist the intrusion of flame and dangerous flying embers as called for in Chapter 7A of the California Building Code.

Frequently asked questions

Can I paint a Vulcan Vent?

Yes, according to the manufacturer, you can paint a Vulcan Vent, though make sure the paint does not clog the rear mesh, the honeycomb matrix, or the perforated vent face.

What makes a Vulcan Vent fire-resistant?

Vulcan Vents have a honeycomb matrix with a fire-resistant coating that expands to close the vent when exposed to flames, creating a barrier.

Which side of a Vulcan Vent faces the attic or crawl space?

The side with the finer 16-16 stainless steel mesh faces the attic or crawl space.

What temperature does the Vulcan Vent close?

According the manufacturer, the vent closes when the matrix reaches a sustained temperature of about 300°C (572°F).

Does a Vulcan Vent claim to protect my home from any and all wildfires?

No. According to manufacturer, Vulcan Vents are a "first line of defense" against embers and exterior flames.

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